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Conquering Life's Curves...

Ed Hearn thought he reached the pinnacle of success as a member of the New York Mets 1986 World Series champions, and then the following season as the starting catcher for the Kansas City Royals. He finally had established himself as a Major League ballplayer. Hearn's future looked ever so bright.

That game plan never materialized. Conquering Life's Curves is a vivid, compelling story of a man who has seen the thrill of victory and faced the agony of life's big league challenges. It's the story of a ten-year struggle in the minor leagues, of how he coped with a premature career-ending shoulder injury, and then, less than one year later, his gut-wrenching fight to rebound from three potentially life-threatening health conditions. Then to top it off, Ed shares candidly about the post-operative depression that almost did him in.

Hearn, at the young age of thirty-five, continued the daily battle to come back from kidney transplant surgery, a gamma globulin deficiency and severe sleep apnea. He took thirty-four pills a day, an IV treatment once a month and slept with a breathing machine each night.

But as the former big-league catcher demonstrates in this story, the human spirit is capable of overcoming almost anything. Ed takes you on an emotional roller-coaster of his struggles in and out of the game and sends a message of hope that will appeal not only to baseball fans, but to anyone facing challenges in their personal or professional life.

This story will take you inside the locker room and inside a ballplayer who has faced some of life's worst knockdown pitches. The film gives you The Inside Pitch, using Hearn's story and weaving it into a recipe for a championship life.

Conquering Life's Curves will renew anyone's faith in the power of the human spirit.

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