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Every spring it’s heard - like the crack of approaching thunder - the first booms of high horsepower. The beginning of drag race season, and in shops and garages across the country amateur teams of speed fanatics are firing up their home-made monsters. They have been working all winter and are down to last minute tuning for the upcoming season.

It takes an over-the-top personality to embrace this kind of challenge. Individually they can be accountants, truck drivers, or sales representatives. As teams, they can be groups of friends, co-workers, or family. But they have one thing in common. They are fueled by pure passion. They sink gobs of time, money, and emotion into an all-consuming desire to be the best. What they lack in resources they make up with guts.

Gearhead Shootout - Front Gearhead Shootout - Back
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Gearhead Shootout - Reality TV Show
Gearhead Shootout - The Wheelie
Gearhead Shootout - The Blower Gearhead Shootout - The Drivers Perspective
Eight Teams Enter - One Team Wins Head-to-Head Competition - Gearhead Shootout
Real Time Fabrication - Gearhead Shootout Gearhead Shootout - The Contestants

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