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Dino Don's WorldEver make mammoth soup? Cozy up to a Blue Footed Booby? Debate the difference between a dinosaur and a dragon? Welcome to “Dino” Don’s World where he takes you on wacky adventures in the world of all things living and dead.

"Dino" Don Lessem works and plays out of his funky, real-life 1700's mansion, filled with fossils and surrounded by exotic live animals. It's a place where facts are fun and goofiness is a given. "Dino" Don just doesn't answer our questions about the biggest, nastiest, and weirdest creatures that ever lived; he takes us around the world on adventures from falling off Mongolian ponies to running away.

He is the real-life dinosaur expert fro the Jurassic Park movie and dozens of books, movies and TV shows.

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