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Client Feedback...

As the inventor of DOT Marks The Spot, I know that marketing my product is the key to success. And when it came to making a decision as to which production company I would use to produce my videos there was only one company that aligned with my success goals...Bishop-Lyons Entertainment. After many interviews with other production companies and seeing their work, Bishop-Lyons by far surpassed anything that I had heard or seen. After being part of their production process and seeing the final results of their work, I am extremely satisfied with and proud of the videos for my product. In fact, during my last product convention, the Dot Marks The Spot video presentations were the only ones that received applause from the audience out of all the product videos shown. Now that's the kind of response I want for my product. Thanks to David & Kendra Lyons, Andrew & Lane Bishop and the whole Bishop-Lyons Entertainment crew for making DOT a Hollywood hit!!

-- Susan Grillo

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