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Rivals Highlights

Rivals is the ultimate collegiate competition where two contestants (students) from rival schools go head to head in a fast-paced contest where knowledge is power, but winning is everything.

It’s a game of Cash Cab
MTV’s Get Schooled Challenge

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Our host visits rivaling college campuses across the country to challenge student’s intellect. While giving them the opportunity to win cash for themselves and their schools

Each student must compete in two five-minute rounds in which they race across their campus to find others who can answer questions correctly about: Current Events. U.S. History, Business and Politics. Then it’s back to the studio for round three, Sudden Death, where the ultimate winner is determined.

It’s a race against time and a quest for knowledge to find which college can boast the brightest students and beat their rival school in the process.

The two schools with the most correct answers and best time will compete in the series finale in Washington D.C. for cash prizes and the Ultimate Rivals Bragging Rights.

Winning is Everything!

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