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Message from David

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Do you have a TV show you would like to see on air? Whether you have an idea or a completed pilot, David Lyons can help you take your show to the next level.

Our production company and its professional staff can help you get results.

Private Consultaion...
David is now available as a private consultant for your project development or production. He can also be hired as a guest speaker at your event. Email or call for fees.

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TV Show Production - Directors ChairDavid has successfully pitched numerous shows to network executives and is currently the host, director and producer of an internationally syndicated reality TV show in its fourth season on cable TV. He can help you to create eye opening one sheets, develop your show, open doors to the networks, pitch your show and syndicate your show domestically and internationally.

You can buy books, videos, audios and all sorts of do it yourself courses that will leave you in the same position you were before you purchased these items: all dressed up and no place to go!


You can work hand in hand with a Hollywood success story that will help you bring your show to market. David has had success with animation and live action TV/film projects. He has and is working with some of the industry’s top producers, directors, talent, distributors and syndicators.

David knows this business first hand as he learned from the ground up with NO TV or Film experience!! AND he closed a worldwide distribution deal for his multi-award winning CREEPERS project at his FIRST pitch meeting in LA!!!

If YOU want to be a success in TV, contact David today for a FREE consultation.

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