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Lyons’ past and current partnerships include: ITV Studios, producers of hit shows: Hell’s Kitchen, Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars and others; Left Right Productions, producers of the hit show Mob Wives and others; Triage Entertainment, producers of the hit show Iron Chef; FOX Studios, producers of many hit shows; Eyeworks/3 Ball Productions, producers of The Biggest Loser; and in Canada with Force Four Entertainment, producers of Canadian Bachelor and other hit shows.

As Executive Producer of his hit series, Hog Heaven, Lyons wrote, directed and produced the show during its 6 seasons on air and more than 100 episodes. And during his 20 plus years in the entertainment industry he has produced shows for AMC, MTV, Animal Planet, America One, Untamed Sports TV, CoLours TV Network, and other networks.

Lyons Entertainment is represented by one of TV and film’s most prominent agencies, United Talent Agency/UTA.

Executive Producer

About David

David Lyons, is a multi-award winning producer/filmmaker who entered the entertainment industry in 2002. Told he could not break into the industry as an unknown, he has proven that using his business background, creativity and perseverance, anything is possible.

During this time he has garnering 4 Aurora Awards, 3 Tellys, 3 Platinum Pixie Awards and a Remi amongst others. In 2010 he won 4 Platinum EMPixx awards for writing and animation. In 2013 David won a Telly, Davie and other awards for the documentary, SIMON SAYS. David is an experienced creator, writer and executive producer of original television and film projects.

Amongst his many diversified accomplishments in the entertainment industry are:

Producer, Director and Senior Vice President of Hog Heaven TV Show, a reality show about Harley motorcycle riders and the places they ride, has aired on America One, Untamed Sports TV and TUFF networks reaching 30 million viewers domestically. After 6 successful seasons the series is now in syndication and international distribution.

Creator and Executive Producer of two sports reality shows, STREET GAMES and RACK, which received green lights by FOX Sports Network in 2006.

Creator and Executive Producer of CREEPERS, the animated children’s project which has won multiple international film festival awards for best animation, writing and humor and has been screened worldwide as an Official Selection at film festivals including the Hollywood Film Festival, KIDS FIRST! and Cannes Film Festival in France.

In 2009 David signed a deal with Pink Sneakers Productions (producers of Hogan Knows Best on VH1 and other hit shows) to co-produce a new reality show which he created.

From 2010 on, David has created original programming and partnered with some of television’s most successful production companies selling TV shows to AMC, MTV and other networks. He has signed deals with companies such as 3Ball Productions (producers of The Biggest Loser for NBC), Triage Entertainment (producers of Iron Chef for Food Network), Left Right Productions (producers of Mob Wives), FOX Studios and others.

Lyons also signed a first look and production deal with ITV STUDIOS AMERICA, has partnered with entertainment’s top executives & producers in the US, and signed a Canadian production deal with Force Four Entertainment (producers of Canadian Bachelor and other Canadian hit shows). He is currently working with Levity Live on a new TV series.

David is the winner of the Chief Strategy Officer of the Year Award at the Innovation Awards ceremony beating out executives from companies such as Microsoft and MTV. He is also a #1 selling author, speaker and educator.