Producers, writers, directors, creators, TV networks and their execs have worked with David Lyons and LYONS ENTERTAINMENT over the years when they want quality production and the highest level of creativity.

George Elias

Production Director

George Elias is an accomplished DP/Editor/Producer with a B.S in Anthropology – University of California, Riverside

With an infectious aura of positivity paired with an unbridled sense of passion and technical abilities, George is the beating heart of any project he’s a part of. From scripting to the edit room, he ensures that every project has a compelling story, stunning visuals, and is full of heart. He has been working with Lyons since 2017.

George’s projects extend over a wide range of genres. Some of these projects are:

Road to Sixty: trailer-2019

The Earthworker:

Effie on the Other Side of the Gun

Phenix Fire Helmets (GLLS 2019 Recap):

MS Fitness Challenge | Every Rep Is A Step:

PUMPED The Muscle Hustle TV Pilot

4 Days, 2 Cities:

MSFC Trailers & Promotional Content:

On location with Exec Producer David Lyons

Behind the camera on production Shanna Ferrigno

Shanna Ferrigno

Creative Director/Producer

Shanna Ferrigno is a best-selling author and CEO of the Ferrigno FIT lifestyle brand she runs with her father Lou Ferrigno. Her life passion is educating people on all levels about the importance of sports and fitness. She is proud to work with David Lyons and Lyons Entertainment producing content that resonates with people mentally, physically and spiritually.

No stranger to the industry, Shanna knows the importance of relationships. A Los Angeles native, Shanna has never met a stranger. Shanna spent 3 years as a producer at HD Films, a production company at Warner Brother Studios. She was part of the development and casting for the ABC series ‘V’ as well as producing and developing the online hit The Jace Hall Show with Monolith game creator Jace Hall.

Shanna was the first producer to use the UREAL 3 video game engine to do short form written content on the web. Due to Shanna’s well‐rounded contacts she was able to book numerous ‘A’ list talent to voice and appear in all of her productions. This effort has resulted in over 20 million online viewers. Shanna also produced and worked closely with Sony Studios covering the media for the 20th anniversary video game documentary Everquest!

Shanna received her BFA from SUNY Purchase and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She has also earned numerous certifications in health and nutrition.

Shanna is extremely well-rounded when it comes to the development and creative processes of a project. She is a strong leader as a producer and is currently in production and development on new TV shows.

On set with father “The Incredible Hulk” Lou Ferrigno